Need for operation

In the First Degree of Piles there is no need of operation. It can be treated with proper management and some medications.

In Second degree of Piles, along with the control of constipation, some soothing ointment and adequate medicines are required. Cryosurgery can also be done if necessary to make the piles cool and avoid irritation. 

In Third and Fourth degree of Haemorrhoids, the inner skin is protruded out; so with the help of stapler, the inner skin 3 to 4 cms beyond anal verge is taken out. So the prolapsed and protruded piles are pulled in and new passage is formed.

With the use of this Stapler, there is no need for prolonged dressings and there is no pain. There is no danger of shortening of passage.

If the passage is narrowed because of piles or previous operation, a procedure called dilatation (CDA) can cure it fully and pain is relieved.


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