How to avoid constipation

One can follow these simple steps to avoid constipation.

Drink one glass of cold water in the morning in empty stomach daily.

Keep a fixed time for excretion everyday and keep a habit to clear your stomach. It is imperative to keep your stomach clean and make it a routine habit everyday.

Various exercises like yoga, brisk walking, swimming etc. that stretches your stomach muscles should be done according to the norms prescribed for such exercises.

In case of extreme cases of Piles, avoid the use of bicyles, motor cycles or horse.

Include sufficient quantity of nutritional food such as fruits, vegetables, bread made of wheat flour etc. Drink plenty of water and try to avoid or reduce the intake of food items like spicy food, alcoholic drinks, coffee, rice, potato and white bread.

Drink enough fluid like water, fresh fruit juice etc.

Avoid eating at random hours and avoid eating deep fried fast food items.

Avoid sedentary life style.

Avoid taking medicine without Doctor's advise.


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