Fissures & Fistulas

Fissure is a cut in the anal verge, constipation and extra straining while passing stool.

In fissure, there is constant burning and in some cases there is bleeding along with stool. After passing stool, there is constant pain for prolonged time.

If it persists, the controlling defecation remains contracted and passage becomes narrowed resulting in straining on defacation.

Sometimes boil on abs... develops in the skin and region damaged by fissure. This remain in per.... .... which is a painful condition with fever and throbbing pain. If this abs.... ..... by itself, it can not pour out .... .... and fistula in anus develop. This is an abs... with two openings, one outside and one inside.

When fissure develop, there is piles coming our from around the anus causing spots over underwear or there is muschets in stool when outer opening partly heals. There is con... itching and discomfort.

Fistula never heals by itself. It requires either surgery or re...... which is a ..... from outer to inner opening that can be changed periodically, until it heals fully.


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